How are you celebrating the holidays this year??

As a mom, I’m constantly researching ways to keep my son busy. How can we still celebrate from the inside?

CRAFTS! #Pinterestmom

Oh, Pinterest. This app has helped me become a natural preschool teacher with absolutely no experience. From creating finger paint canvas to hidden veggie food recipes for kids.

I highly recommend downloading Pinterest if you are creative but you need a head start/ideas.

For December, I am completing each day with a creative activity.

Let’s make it special!

Provided by jillwellington via Pixabay

For example, decorating cookies! It doesn’t have to just be Christmas Eve, I started baking with me son atleast once a week due to my extremely sweet tooth.

A recently bought a Decorate your own ugly Christmas sweater cookie from Walmart. It is hilarious and simple for young ones!

You can get these ideas on Pinterest by typing them in the search bar. Which will lead you to other DIY creations like ginger bread houses!


Have you ever made an ornament?

I customize everything. I am THAT mom. Trust me, it’s not hard at ALL and the memory will last forever.

It could have your picture or it can just be a silly craft with a string that’ll hang from the tree. One day you’ll back and remember that very day.

Provided by pasja1000 via Pixabay

Crafts are an easy way to make anyone smile because you did all the work into making something special. You don’t have to spend a ton of money either.

Most crafts can be found in your own home!!

Here’s your first link from Pinterest that’ll take you to dollar store ways of celebrating Christmas! Less money, less stress 😉

With love,